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We provide FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS, and if you decide to hire us, we’ll operate on a contingency fee basis, so you won’t be responsible for paying anything if we don’t win or settle your case.

We DO NOT demand an advance payment or retainer.

We do not represent insurance companies; The Car Accident Injury is a plaintiff-only litigation company.

We have helped thousands of victims and recovered hundreds of millions of damages.

With 60 years of expertise, Car Accident Injury. In 1959, the company began operations.

We provide each of our customers with a remarkable degree of individualized service.

We treat every matter as though it will go to trial to resolve quickly for you. We are not scared to engage in conflict to get the finest outcomes.

There are no intermediaries at Car Accident Injury, so you may talk to a lawyer directly whenever you want.

An essential principle of Car Accident Injury is honesty. Therefore, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your case, the good, the bad, and the ugly, rather than just saying what you want to hear.

Critical Decisions: You employ us for advice, but the final call is yours.

Medical Insight – navigating the healthcare system may be difficult. We draw from our knowledge to assist you in understanding the types of studies available to identify the underlying cause of your disability.

What will work? Teamwork. Our team of lawyers has a wide range of professional experience. The best legal team will handle any situation we encounter.

For you, we can change things!


Wills was designed to be affordable for younger newcomers. All of our Timeless Will TM’s fantastic features, including all the changes you’ll ever need for free, are included in the Car Accident Injury, which is for anybody under 30.

Flat fee for injuries from car accidents of $525 ($750 for partners), plus GST.
The price of a personal directive is $250 ($325 for couples), plus GST.
It costs $250 ($325 for partners) + GST for an enduring power of lawyer.
The three papers cost $700 ($900 for partners) plus GST.
A 65+ WillTM

We would want to show our community of seniors our affection. So our 65+ WillTM offers all the same fantastic features as our original Timeless WillTM, including all the modifications you’ll ever need free of charge—but at a fraction of the cost.

65+ $350 fixed fee from WillTM ($500 for partners), plus GST.
It costs $150 ($200 for couples) + GST for an enduring lawyer.
The price of a personal directive is $150 ($200 for couples) plus GST.
Personal Directives, Enduring Lawyers, and a Will are all three papers and cost $450 ($650 for couples) + GST.